Seneca Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones penetrate into the muscle fibers, releasing tension and imparting deep serenity. Your massage therapist delivers smooth, gentle strokes for an all-over body transformation, 80 minutes, $155


Therapeutic Massage

This treatment focuses on deep muscle and connective tissue, allowing the muscles to unwind while alleviating chronic tension.

80 minutes, $149
50 minutes, $109


Relaxation Massage

Relax and unwind – our Swedish massage will melt away your stress as each moment passes. Long, soothing strokes ease muscle tension, stimulate circulation, and promote overall relaxation.

80 minutes $129
50 minutes $99


On The Spot

Go straight to the areas where stress and tension accumulate. You and your therapist can customize your massage for maximum benefit when you are short on time. 30 minutes, $60


Hand and Foot Focus

Enjoy a massage of your hands and feet using hot towels and aromatherapy. Reflex points on the soles and palms activate
the body’s immune system, inducing relaxation, and relieving stress. 30 minutes, $60



Upgrade your service by adding aromatic essential oils that are custom blended to meet your individual needs, $15

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